Feeling like you are getting in your own way?

Seriously though... how long would your Organization last without you?

Here are some signs that you may be the bottleneck in your organization!

  • Your input is required for most key decisions

  • Direct Reports won't pull the trigger without your approval

  • Cant clearly define YOUR role in the day to day

  • You have your finger in EVERY department

Do any of these resonate with you?

How to Work with Todd?

the biz games

Remote Teams

Team Building

Keynote Speaking

Our unique method of building remote teams help small businesses execute on their vision of where they are guiding their company.

Dedicated Assistants, take your tasks to an entire team of specialists who have skills aligned with the specific actions YOU want to have done.

Building and unifying a team should NOT be boring, lame, or done with people who just aren't very much fun...

Great news! We aren't boring or lame... and we've been told we are TONS of FUN!

I deliver topics that inspire your team to be more Motivated, find Focus, and build a stronger Culture in their team.

Oh... and I guarantee a low sleep percentage during the presentation!

Unsure why your team is NOT hitting goals?

Lack of CLARITY on what the Organizational Vision is can be a HUGE problem!

I've got a Gameplan that will get you to where you want to be as a leader. Take a look at what my program can do for you!

  • Clear Vision of where your team is headed

  • Buy-In from leadership team

  • A culture that embraces your direction

  • A team that loves their workplace

  • Accomplishment of the Vision!

What could be better?

Podcast Anyone?

Todd is the host of The Leadership In Business Podcast!

On a quest to find out the reason most SMB owners/ founders fail to scale effectively...

It's 6 questions in 9 minutes because like you, we are super efficient and don't like wasting time!

LIB Podcast with David Meltzer
LB Podcast Keenan Beasley
LIB Podcast with Brandon Steiner

Your Culture... has it evolved the way you hoped?

The unfortunate truth for most leaders is that unless YOU set the vision for what you want your culture to look like... it evolves without your approval!

It's NOT always what you had hoped for!

Here are some signs you may need to step in and make some changes:

  • New hires aren't really on the same page

  • Disconnect between teams

  • Feels more like small units rather than one unified organization

  • Many feel like THEY know the vision of the company... but few agree on what that really is

  • Core Values feel borrowed

  • You've got high CHURN of employees

Feeling like that resonated with you?

People | Processes | Tools

We all know we need help... Hiring the right people with the right skills is SO easy to mess up!

Use a Pre-Trained, Managed, College Educated, Dedicated Assistant who is Equipped with technology solutions...

It doesn't get any easier than this!

"Ive tried using a VA in the past, and as soon as I finished my first pile of work, I had no idea how to really utilize them. Learning to Moku with the right tools and people made all the difference in learning how to delegate effectively."


Ever felt like you are wearing TOO many hats???


This is a problem that plagues many leaders in most organizations.

Here are some signs you may be wearing a few too many hats:

  • Things keep getting lost in the cracks

  • Output is SLOW

  • Keep hearing "You're in my sandbox"

  • Hearing "That's not my job!"

  • EVERYTHING is being done In-House

  • No real Outsourcing Partners

How do I free myself from this?

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